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Time for some fun!
The contest will be contest held from September 1- November 1.
The  theme is the twilight movie.
The categories are open everything will be accepted for example fan fiction,fanart,icons,fanvids, etc.
We encourage everyone to participate the more  the merrier.


1. You can enter whatever you want as long as it's got a twilight movie contest theme.

2. You can submit up to three entries for this contest.

3. You can only have up to two entries in each category

Post your art to your journal and then send it to :icontwilight-fics: in a note along with the category you are entering it in. If your submition can't be posted on DA then send us the link in a note and when your posting it to whatever site allows you to post (for example youtube for fanvids) name it with its title and twilight movie contest so we can find it.  

Have fun!   


Winner For The Breaking Dawn Contest!

Ok so I know that only one person entered for this contest but hopefully we can get more people involved in future contests XD

1.… By :iconspaniel122:


Hey this is :iconfirequeenazula: and i set up this site and our other site on livejournal… XD I'm just your everyday crazy twilight fangirl ^^ anyways I also wanted to say that even though we have 46 members only 38 have watched the site that means they wont get updates which is a problem so if you havent added us yet please do so as soon as possible. Thank you all for joining  ^3^


Welcome to the club!

Hey there! This club is dedicated to twilight. It's purpose is to unite all fans in Deviantart and to spread the love for this book. After reading the books I'm sure that there's people out there who realized how great this book is.

So come now and join!


:iconkorovee: :iconxstrawberrylove:

How to Join:

-You MUST be a fan of twilight!
-You MUST send us a note entitled "JOIN" or something like that. But please only do that once.
-You MUST watch this club after sending a note. If you don't send us a note, we might not add you to the member list.

-Also, if you want to be affiliate, please send us a note also
entitled "AFFILIATE".


-You should follow all the rules in Deviantart.
-You should respect other people and their work.
-No bashing please (criticize people for their favorite pairings or whatnot,
we allhave different tastes ppl, please don't offend each other)


-Errr we'll just add your work in our favorites.
-Or if you do something for our club send it to us in a note and we'll and


-You don't really have to but if you would please put the icon of this club
in your journal like this:
:icontwilight-fics: ---> : iconhitsukarin-fanclub : (no space)


-In you signature like this:
~Twilight-fics ---> : devtwilight-fics : (no space)

so that we can spread the :heart: for this book.


-Feel free to ask any kind of questions and we will try our best to answer them. Even if we're not like Albert Einstein. LOL

:iconkorovee: :iconfirequeenazula: :iconxxblondexfreakxx: :iconsammiebookworm: :iconisabellamichel: :iconqmagicalqpineappleq: :iconthemongolianshemonk: :iconiseetheevil0fearies: :iconinvadersarrie: :iconcullencrazay: :iconwatercolorrr: :iconxstrawberrylove: :iconbrokeallmyconfusion: :iconi-ela-me: :iconerin121: :iconhorseygirl818: :iconburrakuroze: :iconimmortal-innocence-x: :icongweee: :iconspolity: :iconsasori-pupet: :iconevskji: :icondemonicdes: :iconshiny-marble: :iconlosing-myself-katt13: :iconposie-bones: :iconthat-kat: :icongoldsama: :iconumerr2000: :iconxcherryxlipsx: :iconxptanjaxp: :iconjollygoodday: :iconmadelioncourt: :iconmulitysharigan: :iconedwardsdivinerose: :iconwikkidpixie: :iconlady-nyx: :icontithelovex:      :iconmuffincup: :icondramaqueen30: :iconspaniel122: :iconsparrowspaz: :iconladymalk:   :icontartuffle: :iconshinjistu: :iconhappychan: :iconneale: :iconvampiresmoon: :iconladyhyuga: :iconlavenderxice: :icondop12: :iconthimblebostitch: :iconcryingonyxtears: :iconhoneythehedgehog: :iconcarriejo: :icongraveyard-keeper: :iconchocovanillacraving: :iconx-camerawhore-x: :iconmoonlightwolf101: :iconamber-onii-chan: :iconch1ara: :iconshimmy00: :iconnativity:

None at the moment

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Please join this great Twilight community made by  :iconfirequeenazula: :iconkorovee:…
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